Made for shuls. 

Built for giving.

Meet the Nedivim kiosk:
The efficient and cost-effective way for your shul to receive donations.

Our custom-built technology allows shuls and mosdos to:

Receive more donations
by accepting credit card, on site.


Capture donor’s contact details,
for future marketing efforts.

Collect donations from
all Nedivim devices, worldwide.

Sell seats and lockers from your device,
saving precious time.

Accept payments with ease,
without having to run after people.

Giving tzedaka has never been easier


Kiosk doubles as a Shabbos phone

Used in Shuls and Mosdos around the country

Devices Installed

Donation Processed

Organizations & Mosdos

Strictly Kosher and Protected

The Nedivim kiosk is carefully designed to safeguard our children and communities.

Built from scratch
Purpose built from the ground up,
with no other functionality
(NOT a filtered tablet)

Play protect
Protected from curios fingers with
play protect -screen remains locked
until a credit card is entered

No Wifi Option
No internet or wifi in your shul? No problem.
We’ll provide a sim card along with the device.
(Data fee may apply)

Free and Easy

Completely hassle free, won’t cost a penny

Free to Order
The kiosk is completely free,
there is no monthly payment

Free to Manage
Includes portal to manage screen display, campaigns, and reports

Free to Collect
There is no fee for donations you
receive on your own device

Donations have never been more efficient – for the donor or the recipient

Donors can:

Donate with a credit card or a charity card.


Make a one time payment, or set up recurring donations.

Pay off open pledges – guests can pay from a device in their location!

Shuls can:

Receive donations from any Nedivim device, worldwide.

Link multiple accounts to different bank accounts – so the donations will go where you want them to.

Seamlessly integrate the device with the Donary DRM.


Sell seats and lockers from the device.


Require donors to enter their information

Don’t Wait – Start Accepting Donations Now!

The Nedivim Difference

No freezing. No stalling. No looooaaaddding.

  1. The Nedivim shul kiosk is the only donation
    processing device built from the ground up,
    specifically for shuls. Nedivim is a C2P product,
    veterans of the tech industry for
    xx years.



  2. This is not just your standard repurposed tablet;
    we use our own proprietary software and
    hardware to ensure superior reliability.



  3. The Nedivim Difference:
    Experience blazing fast speeds and optimal performance.


Why does our shul need a kiosk? Our gabbai is very efficient, and everyone pays their pledges on time.

The Nedivim kiosk is a great tool, in addition to an efficient gabbai. Available 24/7, it allows donations anytime.  The kiosk accepts donations from other kiosks, and allows donations to all major charities. Its constant presence fosters a culture of giving.

Additionally, the kiosk streamlines your operations with useful features like seat booking, locker booking, and integration with the Donary DRM.

Does the kiosk align with our shuls technology standards?

The Nedivim kiosk is designed with the utmost sensitivity to the shul environment. It is built using custom hardware and software that we’ve developed. It is not a repurposed tablet, and has no other capabilities

Can we disable the play protect feature? There are only adults in our shul.

Absolutely! We understand that each shul has unique needs. The play protect feature is optional and can be disabled.

Is the kiosk really free?

Yes! We believe in transparent operations with, no hidden surprises. There are no monthly charges or fees for donations received on your device.

There is a small charge for donations received on a device outside of your shul.

Will the kiosk integrate with our credit card processor?

The kiosk integrates with Cardknox, USAePay, Sequel pay and Banquest. Our team will gladly help you get all set.

Can we use the kiosk if our shul has no internet or wifi?

Yes, we can provide a sim card along with the kiosk. Data fees may apply.

How can I reach customer service?

Our customer service team is happy to assist! Call (718) 840-3922, or send a message to

Don’t lose out – start accepting donations now!
The shul kiosk is your efficient and cost-effective gabbai tzedaka. Ever-present, it is a constant reminder to donate.
You could be receiving donations while you are reading this page…


(718) 840-3922